“Sit back.. relax.. press play.. and go on a sonic and visual adventure.”

For Phil, it’s all about the music and visual creative process. He strives for his compositions to have memorable melodies, conveying story without lyrics… capable of transporting listeners on a journey bound by only ones imagination.

Composing, producing, mixing, mastering, web design, content and video creation… Phil is the creator behind everything you see and hear across all social sites.

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Latest Release

‘Earth’ is available now on all streaming services. Experience the spacey synths that will make you feel like you are on a space adventure through the solar system.

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1. Earth 2:50

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Earth – Released 12th August 2022

© Copyright 2022 ℗ Everytime Records

Discography / Previous Releases

‘Illusion EP’ was the 2nd EP release available on all streaming services. A sonic blend of synths, orchestral instruments and acoustic drums. Prepare to be taken on a sci-fi adventure with amazing textures and thought invoking scenery.

Click to Listen & Watch the Visualizer Videos:

1. Illusion 3:30
2. Ascension 2:01
3. Paradise 2:33
4. Astral 2:58
5. Galactic 2:24
6. Spiral 2:21

Illusion EP – Released 11th November 2019

© Copyright 2019 ℗ Everytime Records

‘Ultraviolet EP’ brings to life a refreshing blend of guitars, electronic keyboard sounds, orchestral instruments and acoustic drums/percussion. The listener will be taken on a sonic journey with vibrant and uplifting melodies that tell a story without words.

Click to Listen & Watch the Visualizer Videos:

1. Stardust 3:17
2. Aurora 2:43
3. Ultraviolet 4:19
4. Firestorm 3:24
5. Infinity 3:29
6. Satellite 2:21

Ultraviolet EP – Released 11th May 2019

© Copyright 2019 ℗ Everytime Records