For Phil, it’s all about the music and creative process. He strives for his compositions to have memorable melodies, conveying story without lyrics, capable of transporting listeners on a journey bound by only one’s imagination.

Press play, sit back, relax, close your eyes and go on a sonic adventure.

Composing, producing, mixing and mastering… the website & videos. Phil is the creator behind everything you see and hear.

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‘Illusion EP’ is the latest release and available on all streaming services. A sonic blend of synths, orchestral instruments and acoustic drums. Prepare to be taken on a sci-fi adventure with amazing textures and thought invoking scenery.

Click to Listen & Watch the Visualizer Videos:

1. Illusion 3:30
2. Ascension 2:01
3. Paradise 2:33
4. Astral 2:58
5. Galactic 2:24
6. Spiral 2:21

Illusion EP – Released 11th November 2019

© Copyright 2019 ℗ Everytime Records

‘Ultraviolet EP’ brings to life a refreshing blend of guitars, electronic keyboard sounds, orchestral instruments and acoustic drums/percussion. The listener will be taken on a sonic journey with vibrant and uplifting melodies that tell a story without words.

Click to Listen & Watch the Visualizer Videos:

1. Stardust 3:17
2. Aurora 2:43
3. Ultraviolet 4:19
4. Firestorm 3:24
5. Infinity 3:29
6. Satellite 2:21

Ultraviolet EP – Released 11th May 2019

© Copyright 2019 ℗ Everytime Records

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